Pastor Tom and Lori Fangmeier


Hometown: Paynesville, MN.

Family Info: My wife Lori and our children Nathan and Chelsea.  Nathan and his wife, Sara, are living in Rapid City, SD while Chelsea is living in St. Paul, MN.

What is the vision God has given you for your ministry?

Know, Grow, Show . . . To be a life changing ministry to the Stevens County area.

Besides the Bible, what are your three favorite books?

When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson; Suprised by the Voice of the Spirit by Dr. Jack Deere; Emotionally Healthy Spirituality by Peter Scazzero

Name your favorite character from the Bible?  Why?

Other than Jesus . . . David because he was a great leader, decent husband, great warrior, worshipper, could have been a better dad.  He was also generous, stuck to his convictions and a great writer/poet.  

What is your favorite way to kill time?

Walks and bike rides with my wife Lori.  Good clean humor or a movie.  Cooking and grilling.  Tennis with Lori.  :)

What is your favorite part about your role at the church?

Praying for people with the Gifts of the Spirit flowing and watching people become free, and empowering people to do the same.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you like to go?

Back to Jamaica!  Went there for a missions trip during my Junior year at North Central University.